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JAR Systems
USB-C Emulator Cables 4-Pk

Provide USB-C PD Charging to Lenovo Devices Without a USB-C Charging Port

Part Number: A4-UCLN-11E

Leverage USB-C PD technology to charge devices with other types of charging ports. Emulator cables enable devices to be connected to USB-C charging  without expensive AC adapter chargers.

12" USB-C emulator cables are the perfect length to connect devices to power banks or to USB-C charging stations, greatly reducing cable clutter and tripping hazards.

Emulator cables enable schools to connect older Lenovo devices to USB-C PD charging, and charge alongside newer technology. Compatible with rectangle slim tip (11E) Lenovo Chromebook charging ports.

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Watch the Video! See how USB-C emulator cables can be used with Active Charge Power Banks.

USB-C to older device compatibility

More affordable and practical than purchasing bulky device AC/DC power adapters. Plus, using emulator cables to connect devices to USB-C charging stations frees up the charging cable that comes with the device to be used for other purposes.

Get More Mileage
Get More Mileage

USB-C emulator cables provide long term value by enabling you to connect older devices and non-usb-c devices to  USB-C PD power sources instead of using device-specific charging cables.


Using 12" emulator cables to connect devices to power banks or USB-C PD charging stations significantly reduces cable clutter over using device chargers.

Compatible for Use With These JAR Systems Products*
Adapt4 USB-C Charging Stations

Portable 4-bay charging station provides an efficient charge up to 45W. Use the station to secure the enclosed devices, or leave it open for accessible charging. 

Universal USB-C Charging Dock

Open 8-bay charging station for Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and other mobile devices that utilize a USB-C charging port. Efficiently adjusts power to device up to 65W.

Active Charge Power Banks

20,000 mAh capacity power banks deliver up to 65W USB-C PD charge to any connected device. The slim transportable design makes it easy to bring device charging to any location.

*Products are sold separately. 

Emulator Cable Dimensions
Product Dimensions
  • Emulator Cables: 12” in length
Lenovo 11E Emulator Cables
  • 4 USB-C to Rectangle Slim Tip (11E) 12" cables
(Select compatibility above for specific cable specifications.)
JAR Systems Warranty
  • Emulator Cables: 1 Year
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  • Coming Soon!
Other Support
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