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No matter what the technology landscape consists of in your schools, JAR Systems can help you achieve successful integration and utilization of devices.

Seamlessly Integrate Mobile Technology

CS-1610 Essential Charging Stations With PB-80C24 Intelligent Charging System

No matter how well a school budgets, it seems there is never enough funding for every project on the wish list. Each year, schools are required to make difficult decisions regarding which projects are worth the investment and which need to be placed on hold for the time being.

At JAR Systems, we understand the pressure that educators and school administrators face on a daily basis. Our goal is to help you, by supplying efficient and affordable solutions. We provide high-quality products that help seamlessly integrate technology into academia, taking education to the next level.

Case Study:

How the Technology Services and Innovation Department of Volusia County Schools increased availability and access to mobile devices and saved time on the deployment of charging solutions.

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Top Solutions in Education
Versatile Charging Stations

Solutions Under $1000

Budget-friendly charging stations for Chromebooks, tablets, and more.

Ultra-Light Intelligent Cart

Ultra-Light Intelligent Carts

Lightweight carts with intelligent charging and easy cable management.

Network Management Carts

Network Management Carts

Update and image laptops more efficiently via network switch.

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