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JAR Systems


JAR Systems designs and builds a range of innovative charging
and management solutions for the mobile devices that keep your organization moving.

Ultra-Light Intelligent Carts excel in the classroom where it counts. They feature the industry-leading Intelligent Charging System, a lightweight cart body, and efficient cable management. Their adjustable dividers enable them to accommodate a range of devices, including tablets, Chromebooks, and notebooks, with or without cases. Learn More

MD-5150 Solutions

Ultra-Light Intelligent Service Plus Cart 28-40


For up to 28, 30, or 40 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.

MD-5135 Solutions

Ultra-Light Intelligent Service Plus Cart 20-30


For up to 20, 22, or 30 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.

Our solutions for network management and device imaging help to reduce IT labor costs, expedite on-boarding, meet compliance standards, manage more devices in less time, and save a ton of space. Whether you are managing a set of laptops for a small organization or a fleet of devices for a large enterprise, we have solutions to get the job done with increased efficiency and less hassle. Learn More

Enhanced Management Solution Illus

Enhanced Management Solution

Fully managed with KVM, network switch, and cabling.

SB-5900B Network Management Cart

Network Management Cart


Intelligent charging for up to 30 notebooks.

SB-5400B Network Management Cart

Network Management Cart


Intelligent charging for up to 30 notebooks.

No matter the size of the space you have, the type of devices you are using, or the extent of your budget, chances are, we have a versatile charging station that is the perfect fit. Our range of designs offer the flexibility to charge tablets, Chromebooks, or notebooks in an open solution, secured solution, wall-mounted, tabletop, and more. Some even feature our Quick-Sense USB-C charging modules, so you can charge USB-C devices without their adapters. Learn More

CSE-1615 Flex-Share Charging Stations

Flex-Share Stations


For up to 16 Chromebooks, tablets, or e-readers each.

CS-1610 Essential 16 Charging Station

Essential Charging Station


For up to 16 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.


Essential Charging Station


For up to 12 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.

QC-8000 Universal USB-C Dock

Universal USB-C Dock


For up to 8 devices with USB-C charging ports.

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade

Adapt4 USB Active Charge


Active charge solution providing easy at-the-desk charging.

Adapt4 AC Active Charge Upgrade

Adapt4 AC Active Upgrade


Versatile charging station with an active charge solution.

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station

Adapt4 USB-C Station


Adapter-free charging for up to 4 devices with USB-C charging ports.

Adapt4 AC Charging Station

Adapt4 AC Station


For up to 4 Chromebooks, tablets, or notebooks with any style charging port.

Charging Modules

Designed to be mounted almost anywhere, the Intelligent Charging System can even be used without a cart or charging station.

Intelligent Charging System Module

Intelligent Charging System Module


Intelligently charges 20 to 64 devices.

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