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JAR Systems

Government Solutions

Advance your organization's charging and management of notebooks, laptops, tablets, and more. From local government entities to large federal agencies, JAR Systems has solutions to improve technology integration.

Utilize Mobile Technology to Its Fullest Potential

Government Relations

Whether you are the director of a public library, a work readiness program, or a large government agency, mobile technology such as tablets or laptops is key in enhancing productivity in your organization. In order to take advantage of the full potential of your technology investments, it is important to consider how the devices can be efficiently charged and managed.

Just as government entities are diverse in their technology requirements, JAR Systems is diverse in its solutions to charge and manage that technology. From versatile charging stations to network-ready carts, we provide tools to make your job easier.

Government Technology Solutions
USB-C Charging Stations

Compact USB-C Charging Stations

Scalable solutions for charging and securing tablet and notebook devices.

Charging Carts for Notebooks and Tablets

Charging Carts for Notebooks and Tablets

Secure and charge sets of devices for training facilities and more.

Network Management Solutions for Laptops

Portable Power Banks for Outlet-Free Charging

Provide portable power for staff that may not have access to an open power outlet.

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