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Healthcare Solutions

Improve mobile device systems and processes in your organization! JAR Systems provides solutions that increase the speed and efficiency of mobile device charging, imaging, updates, and more.

Charging and Management Made Simple

Mesquite Rehab Facility

Healthcare organizations benefit greatly from the adoption of mobile devices. From reducing clerical work for skilled professionals to improving patient care, this technology should be increasing efficiency and producing ample return on the investment. In order to harness the full potential of mobile technology, it is important to consider how the devices will be charged and managed.

Whether you are the manager of a private doctors office with tablets for the waiting room or the CIO of a large hospital system with an array of different devices, JAR systems has charging and management solutions to make your job easier.

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Technology Solutions for Healthcare
Charging Stations for Tablets

Compact Charging Stations for Tablets

Scalable solutions for charging and securing tablet devices.

Charging carts for notebooks and tablets

Charging Carts for Notebooks and Tablets

Secure and charge sets of devices for training facilities and more.

Portable Power Banks for Outlet-Free Charging

Portable Power Banks for Outlet-Free Charging

Provide portable power for staff that may not have access to an open power outlet.

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