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JAR Systems
Library Check-Out USB-C Charging Solution
Provide Cord-Less Charging Anywhere on Campus with a Centralized Check-Out System

Part Number: LIB16PB-USBC

Battery power is often unreliable and, with limited spaces for students and patrons to charge while they work, disruptions to work and learning accumulate. You need better, more affordable options to facilitate the use of devices that don’t create an obstacle course. This bundled solution includes everything necessary to charge with a 16-bay Flex-Share USB-C Charging Station, 16 Active Charge Power Banks, and USB-C to USB-C charging cables.

Save time with an AC adapter-free charging solution. Flex-Share USB-C Charging Stations are flexible solutions that can charge up to a 14" device. They can be conveniently mounted or stacked and easily maneuver around the room with the addition of the mobility kit. The station's Quick-Sense USB-C charging identifies the devices’ power needs to deliver a fast and balanced charge up to 65W.

Optional USB-C emulator cables are available to connect older, non-USB-C devices with the most common device types.

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Reduce disruptions with at-the-desk charging!

Library Check-Out Solution
Ready-to-Go Bundle

Library Check-Out Charging Solutions with Quick-Sense USB-C Charging are easy to get started with. Just plug in the charging station and connect the power banks.

Reduce Classroom Disruptions
Reduce Classroom Disruptions Power banks enable students to charge devices while they work at their desks or any other location, regardless of outlet or charging cable availability.
Quick-Sense USB-C PD Charging
Efficient USB-C PD Charging

Powered by Quick-Sense USB-C PD charging, Flex-Share USB-C Stations intelligently distribute power to your devices without using AC adapters.

32-User Mobile Bundle

The Flex-Share USB-C bundle comes with two Flex-Share USB-C Charging Stations and a stacking/mobility kit. When combined, they create a mobile solution for up to 32 devices that is ideal for moving devices around the classroom.

Active Charge Power Bank Kits*

Kits include 4 Active Charge USB-C Power Banks and 4 cables to connect your devices for charging.

USB-C Emulator Cables*

Connect devices with other charging port types to the USB-C Quick-Sense Charging Hub. Cables are available for most common charging ports.

*All product accessories and bundles are sold separately.
Library Solutions Dimensions
Product Dimensions

Flex-Share USB-C Charging Station

  • 14.5”H x 22”W x 19”D
  • Device Bay: 11.5”H x 1”W x 13”D
  • 61.5 lbs - Empty

Active Charge Power Bank

  • 6.17”H x 2.92”W x 0.98”D
  • 0.85 lbs 
USB-C to USB-C Cables

Flex-Share USB-C Charging Station

16 Active Charge Power Banks

  • 20,000 mAh capacity
  • 65W USB-C PD charging

32 USB-C male to USB-C male charging cables

JAR Systems Warranty
  • Flex-Share Charging Station: 5 Years
  • Quick-Sense USB-C Charging Hub: 2 Years
  • Power Bank: 1 Year
  • USB-C Charging Cables: 1 Year
  • See warranty details