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JAR Systems
Essential 16 USB-C Charging Station
Never Wire AC Adapters Again with Versatile, Adjustable USB-C Charging Stations

Part Number: CS-1610-USBC

Save time with an AC adapter-free, ultra-adjustable charging solution. The Essential 16 is a compact charging station that can be used tabletop or wall-mounted. The secure, open design provides a quick visual check that all devices are present and charging on the shelf. 

The Quick-Sense USB-C charging hub identifies the devices’ power needs to deliver a fast and balanced charge up to 65W. The ports on the front make the Quick-Sense charging hub easy to use with less effort to install and less maintenance. 

Optional USB-C emulator cables are available to connect non-USB-C devices.

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Orange / White
Red / White
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Transform any wall or desk into a secure charging space.

Essential 16 USB-C Charging Station in the Classroom
Quick-Sense USB-C Power Delivery
Efficient USB-C Charging

Powered by Quick-Sense USB-C PD charging, Essential 16 USB-C Stations intelligently distribute power to your devices without using AC adapters.

AC Adapter-free
Never Wire Stations with AC Adapters Again!

Wiring can take up a lot of time and technology resources. Quick-Sense USB-C PD eliminates this extra work and creates a better experience for teachers and students.

Versatile Installation
Versatile Installation

The compact and lightweight design of the Essential 16 allows it to be easily mounted to a wall or desk without taking up a lot of space. The all-steel construction ensures the durability required for repeated use in classroom environments.

Secure, Open Design

The locking system prevents devices from being removed, while providing an open design that allows teachers to see that all devices have been returned with a glance.

Always Ready to Charge

Dongle cables lock in place, so they are
right where they are needed. Plug in a
device at any time to start charging.

Speedy Deployment

Multiple charging stations can be used for higher quantities of devices. This can also increase the speed of deployment as students form multiple lines to retrieve their devices.

Product Dimensions
  • 14″H × 22.68″W × 14″D
  • Adjustable Up to 17.25″H × 22.68″W × 18″D
  • 45 lbs
CS-1610 Maximum Dimensions
Max Device Dimensions
  • 11.75″H × 1″W × 13.5″D
Please Note:
  • For devices up to 8.75”H, the maximum depth is 15.5”D.
  • For devices 9-11.75”H, the maximum depth is 13.5”D due to the unit’s top lip.
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