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By JAR Systems, LLC • June 20, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Charging Carts and Stations

Mobile devices have become necessary in almost every environment, from schools and healthcare settings to government and business offices. But along with the convenience of mobile devices comes the need to keep them charged and ready for use. 

The right charging solution can mean the difference between wasting time while waiting for a device to charge and staying productive with a fully charged mobile device. Keep reading to learn more about charging carts and stations and what to expect from the ideal solution.

Types of Charging Carts and Stations

Whether mobile or stationary, charging solutions can be used anywhere you need on-demand access to mobile devices. Whether you mount them on the wall, set them on a tabletop, or wheel them around from one location to another, charging carts and stations make it easier to keep your technology active and ready for use.

A recent National Center for Education Statistics survey revealed that 94 percent of K-12 schools provide digital devices to students who need them. Whether you provide laptops to students, put Chromebooks in the classroom, or use mobile devices in a business or healthcare setting, having the right charging solution is essential.

Here are some available options to consider:

Mobile Charging Carts

These charging carts are fitted with wheels to move where you need them. They offer flexibility to fit your space layout and can safely store and charge devices without the need for extra storage space. 

Charging carts work great for the following situations:

  • When you need to charge large device sets
  • When devices are frequently shared by multiple users
  • When you need to periodically transport devices to other locations, such as for maintenance or summer storage

Wall-Mounted and Tabletop Charging Stations

Sometimes called charging cabinets, racks, or hubs, stationary charging solutions can go on the wall or a tabletop. It’s critical to know when to use this type of solution; it’s typically more suitable in the following situations: 

  • When devices will be checked out one by one and returned to the same location
  • When fewer devices are charging at once
  • When devices don’t need to be transported between locations

AC Charging Solutions

AC charging is the standard method used by most carts and stations. As the name suggests, these charging solutions require AC adapters to be wired into them and plugged into a power strip. Most also use some type of power distribution, such as an electrical timer or switch that turns power strips on and off in intervals, to avoid drawing too much power from an outlet at once.

USB-C Charging Solutions

These charging solutions replace the function of AC adapters and power distribution. Devices connect directly to the charging hub for more energy-efficient, user-friendly, and low-maintenance charging. And if you need to charge devices with other types of charging ports, you can connect them with emulator cables. 

For example, Elevate USB-C charging carts offer USB-C connectors and optional emulator cables for non-USB-C devices, enabling an efficient charge without the hassle of AC adaptors. They’re great charging carts for schools because they reduce disruptions in the classroom and eliminate the need to manage AC adapters and power strips.

What to Expect in a Quality Charging Solution

Though you’re likely to encounter many charging solutions, upon closer inspection, you’ll see not all are the same. Here’s what you should expect from a quality charging solution:

Ease of Use

Whether it’s a laptop charging station for the classroom or a mobile charging cart for nurses, the charging solution you select should be easy to configure, so you can quickly connect to the devices you want to charge.

Quality Construction

Durable construction and quality materials add to the life of your charging solution. The frame, connectors, and electronic components should all come together to deliver a sturdy, well-made charging product. Over time, a solution with powder-coated metal components and rubber casters will withstand more wear and tear than one using less durable materials, such as plastic. 

Fast, Efficient Charging

The primary purpose of charging solutions is to improve device uptime and provide consistent and reliable access to fully charged devices. JAR Systems’ Quick-Sense charging solutions don’t rely on old-fashioned charging cart timers but instead use innovative firmware to sense the amount of power required for each device.

Capability to Address Your Charging Needs

Whether you need to charge one-to-one take-home devices for students or dozens of tablets for a medical facility, your charging solution must match your unique needs. JAR Systems has several charging solutions to meet charging needs of any scope or size.

Versatility and Compatibility

Charging solutions should be flexible enough to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. They should also be configurable to the devices you use every day and the space you have available. 

For example, JAR Systems’ Quick-Sense USB-C Charging solutions can be used for nearly any mobile device. Both the carts and stations are compatible with a wide range of device types and sizes and require minimal effort to reconfigure to your needs. And they can go anywhere, including classrooms, libraries, and media centers.

Product Warranties

When you select a charging solution, you naturally want to protect your investment. JAR Systems’ transparent warranty policies tell you exactly what is covered and how to get support for your charging products.

Select the Charging Solution That Works for You

When considering your device charging options, it’s essential to pick a solution that aligns with your device charging needs, available space, and budget. JAR Systems offers a comprehensive suite of charging solutions designed to keep devices active and limit the disruptions that erode productivity. Every solution is backed by quality service and support to help you elevate your charging ecosystem. 

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