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JAR Systems
Elevate USB-C Charging Cart
AC Adapter-Free, USB-C Charging for Up to 32 Devices

Part Number: MC-6032-USBC

No matter how good the cable management is in your charging carts, wiring (and re-wiring) them with AC adapters consumes time and resources. Elevate USB-C Charging Carts eliminate this extra work and create a better experience for teachers and students. Powered by Quick-Sense USB-C PD charging, Elevate carts intelligently distribute power to your devices without using AC adapters.

Elevate carts weigh significantly less than other carts, feature a smaller footprint, and with all swivel casters, they are easier to maneuver in the classroom. Hybrid USB-C/AC Elevate carts are also available for added versatility.  Optional USB-C emulator cables are available to connect non-USB-C devices.

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Never Wire Charging Carts Again!

Elevate USB-C Charging Cart - Chromebook Charging
Quick-Sense USB-C Power Delivery
Efficient USB-C PD Charging

Quick-Sense USB-C charging identifies the devices’ power needs to deliver a fast and balanced charge.

AC adapter-free solution
Stop Wiring Carts!

Wiring carts consumes technology resources. Quick-Sense USB-C is a time-saving, low-maintenance solution.

Easy to Use
Always Ready to Charge

USB-C connector cables lock in place, so they are right where they are needed. Plug in a device at any time to start charging.

Lifetime Warranty Option*

Elevate USB-C Charging Carts feature a highly serviceable design enabling an optional lifetime warranty on the cart.

Universal Device Compatibility

Connect any device to the provided USB-C to USB-C dongle cables or get emulator adapter cables* for other types of charging ports.

Power for Peripherals

Connect peripherals alongside devices via two spare internal AC outlets. Removable dividers allow for clear shelf space when the cart is not full. Ask about configuration options for printers.

* Sold separately.

Elevate USB-C Charging Cart Dimensions
Product Dimensions
  • 36.5″H × 27.9″W × 20.9″D
    Including Handles & Bumpers
  • 5” casters, all swivel, 2 locking
  • 129 lbs.
Chromebook, notebooks, or tablets
Max Device Dimensions
  • Up to 10.5″H x 1.5″W x 14.25″D (20 Bays)
  • Up to 10.5″H x 1.25″W x 14.25″D (24 Bays)
  • Up to 10.5″H x .875″W x 14.25″D (32 Bays)
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