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JAR Systems
Quick-Sense USB-C Charging Retrofit Kits
Affordably Modernize Your Charging Carts with USB-C Technology!

Available Kit Upgrades: Anywhere AC Plus, Bretford Cube, Spectrum Cloud32, Spectrum Connect36, Vivacity 30-Unit

Traditional charging carts powered by device AC adapters can be a significant investment that becomes outdated and cluttered quickly. Luckily, you can make the carts you already have charge better and remain useful longer by making a simple modification.
Quick-Sense USB-C Charging Retrofit Kits are the perfect solution to upgrade your carts' charging at a fraction of the cost of new carts. These kits come with our Quick-Sense USB-C Hubs that eliminate the need for AC adapters, making it easier to maintain and operate your carts.

 Optional USB-C emulator cables are available to connect non-USB-C devices.

Our knowledgeable team is here to discuss your organization’s needs and help you find the perfect solution.
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Upgrade Your Cart and Go AC Adapter- Free Today!

Retrofit Kit Hub Installation
Quick-Sense Efficient USB-C Charging
Efficient USB-C Charging

Powered by Quick-Sense USB-C PD charging, Retrofit Kit Hubs intelligently distribute power to your devices without using AC adapters.

Never Wire Charging Stations Again
Never Wire Charging Stations Again

Wiring can take up a lot of time and technology resources. Quick-Sense USB-C PD eliminates this extra work and creates a better experience for teachers and students.

Spend Less
Spend Less

A more affordable option than purchasing a brand-new cart or station. Save time and money by simply upgrading your carts.

LED Light Indicators

Colored LED Light Indicators will let you know when your device is done charging.

USB-C Emulator Cables*

Connect devices with other charging port types to the USB-C Quick-Sense Charging Hub. Cables are available for most common charging ports.

*All product accessories and bundles are sold separately.
REBCU32 Cube Cart Kit

(Select compatibility above for specific hub specifications.)

REBXXX Compatible Devices
  • Notebooks, Tablets, Chromebooks Up to 65W
JAR Systems Warranty
  • Mounting Brackets Warranty: Lifetime
  • Quick-Sense USB-C Hub: 2 Years
  • Cables: 1 Year
  • See warranty details