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JAR Systems
Essential 12 Charging Station
An Affordable and Adaptable Solution Designed to Charge and Secure Up to 12 Devices!

Part Number: CS-1210

The perfect solution for 1-to-1 technology programs, central charging locations, and more! Secure and charge up to 12 devices with the Essential 12—a smaller, more compact version of the popular Essential 16. Offering all of the same features in a smaller body, this lightweight charging station conveniently mounts to walls or desks. Its adjustable height and depth, along with its removable dividers, also makes it highly adaptable to evolving technology plans.
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Transform any wall or desk into a secure charging space.

CS-1210 Essential 12 Charging Station
Cost Effective
Cost-Effective Not all charging options make sense cost-wise for the number of devices they can accommodate. This solution is more cost-effective than other charging stations, and even costs less than cases to send the devices home with students.
Versatile Installation
Versatile Installation

The compact and lightweight modular design of the CS-1210 allows it to be easily mounted to a wall or desk without taking up a lot of space. The all-steel construction ensures the durability required for repeated use in classroom environments.

Unrivaled Adjustability
Unrivaled Adjustability

The adjustable height and depth of this solution, along with its removable dividers, allow it to comfortably fit a wide range of devices. This versatility makes the CS-1210 highly adaptable to evolving technology plans.

Locking Cable Compartment

The CS-1210 features an easy to set up cable management system that endures repeated use. A bonus locking cable compartment securely stows AC adapters and excess cable lengths.

Individual Device Security*

No need for expensive charging lockers! Instead, use Kensington locks from JAR with the Essential 12. This addition can prevent theft and boost productivity by reducing time spent seeking misplaced devices.

Intelligent Charging System*

Utilize one charging system to manage the power needs of up to four charging stations at once. This option is more cost-effective than other charging solutions and is also well-suited for central charging locations.

*All accessories are sold separately. 

CS-1210 Dimensions
Product Dimensions
  • 14″H × 18.25″W × 14″D
  • Adjustable Up to 17.25″H × 18.25″W × 18″D
  • 43 lbs
CS-1210 Maximum Dimensions
Max Device Dimensions
  • 11.75″H × 1″W × 13.5″D
  • Please Note:
    • For devices up to 8.75”H, the maximum depth is 15.5”D.
    • For devices 9-11.75”H, the maximum depth is 13.5”D due to the unit’s top lip.
Warranty Logo

Comes standard with a five-year warranty that covers the entire solution and electrical components—a longer than average electrical warranty