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By JAR Systems, LLC • September 12, 2023

4 Ways Chromebook Carts for Schools Boost Outcomes with Fewer Disruptions

Chromebooks and other devices, such as tablets, are now just as common in classrooms as other learning tools, giving students access to seemingly endless amounts of information, resources, and ways to explore topics covered in class.

In fact, an EdWeek Research Center survey revealed that, by early 2021, 90 percent of middle and high schools and 84 percent of elementary schools had a mobile device for every student.

However, behind all of this educational magic lies a series of logistical requirements that teachers, administrators, and IT staff need to orchestrate to keep these devices running and ready for students to use. From keeping them charged and safe for transport to assisting with storage, each of these elements, if overlooked, has the opportunity to disrupt the flow of a classroom and take away from learning.

That’s where Chromebook carts for schools step in, helping teachers manage their technology easier and more effectively so they can keep their attention on what matters most.

4 Ways Chromebook Carts for Schools Lead to Fewer Disruptions

Here are four of the key benefits teachers and administrators will love about Chromebook carts for schools:

1. Resolve low battery issues.

Teachers are frustrated by issues related to power on a daily basis, adding unnecessary stress to an already difficult job managing a classroom. 

Chromebook carts reduce challenges around long wait times for charging technology and the inability to charge devices because of lost or damaged AC adapters. Since devices connect directly to the charging hub, they receive more energy-efficient, user-friendly, and low-maintenance charging.

For example, the Elevate USB-C charging carts support USB-C connectors as well as optional emulator cables for non-USB-C devices which allows for an efficient charge without the hassle of AC adaptors. 

Together, these features help to increase instructional time in the classroom by keeping devices ready for when students need them.

2. Better utilize resources for setup, maintenance, and support. 

Put an end to juggling wires, cords, and devices spread out across a classroom, and start using carts to streamline your device management.

Chromebook carts provide a centralized and secure storage solution, making it easier for teachers to manage and maintain the devices in one place. Teachers and support teams can also better ensure all Chromebooks are charged, updated, and ready for use, reducing time spent on individual device setup and maintenance.

3. More efficiently use outlets.

Chromebook carts do more than just provide a secure and organized place to store your classroom devices. Many Chromebook carts for schools also come with built-in integrated smart charging systems to prevent overloading circuits and heat stress by employing intelligent charging protocols.

These power management features not only boost device longevity; they also let teachers safely charge Chromebooks in the cart during off-hours or breaks, ensuring devices are fully powered and ready to use when needed. This eliminates the need for students to charge Chromebooks during class, avoiding interruptions and distractions.

4. Enjoy better use of space.

In classrooms and storage areas, space is always at a premium. As any teacher can attest, ensuring the classroom is set up in an efficient way is vital to the success of effective classroom management.

Chromebook carts offer a compact and organized way to store devices and give teachers quick access to distribute Chromebooks from the cart or move them to another room easily, helping to maintain a clean and uncluttered learning environment. 

Take Your Device Management to the Next Level

Teachers deserve access to any tool that enables them to simplify their classroom, improve the integration of devices in their lesson plans, and aid with classroom management. 

Chromebook carts for schools deliver each of these benefits, ensuring student devices are fully charged and maintained without adding extra distractions to the room. When it comes to finding the right model for your schools, JAR Systems offers a wide range of scalable and adaptable charging solutions that help any organization enhance device management and foster a more efficient, secure, and productive environment.

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