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JAR Systems

Seamlessly Integrate Technology into Your Environment

JAR Systems' lines of versatile charging stations offer the flexibility to charge and secure devices to a wall, a table, or on-the-go. When you need a budget-friendly solution that doesn't sacrifice quality, choose the Flex-Share, Essential, Universal USB-C Dock or Adapt4 Charging Stations.

Versatile Charging Stations
CSE-1615 Flex-Share Charging Stations

Flex-Share Stations 16-32 Devices


For up to 16 Chromebooks, tablets, or e-readers each.

CS-1610 Essential 16 Charging Station

Essential Charging Station 16 Devices


For up to 16 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.

CS-1210 Essential 12 Charging Station

Essential Charging Station 12 Devices


For up to 12 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.

Universal USB-C Charging Dock

Universal USB-C Dock 8 Devices


For up to 8 devices that utilize USB-C charging.

Adapt4 USB-C

Adapt4 USB-C

For up to 4 devices with USB-C compatibility.

Adapt4 AC

Adapt4 AC

For up to 4 devices of any charge type.

Where to Buy
JAR Systems products are available through many of the nation's leading technology providers. View a list of our partners or call 866-393-4202 for a recommendation.