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JAR Systems

Seamlessly Integrate Technology into Your Environment

JAR Systems' lines of versatile charging stations offer the flexibility to charge and secure devices to a wall, a table, or on-the-go. When you need a budget-friendly solution that doesn't sacrifice quality, choose the Flex-Share, Essential, Universal USB-C Dock or Adapt4 Charging Stations.

Versatile Charging Stations
CSE-1615 Flex-Share Charging Stations

Flex-Share Stations 16-32 Devices


For up to 16 Chromebooks, tablets, or e-readers each.

CS-1610 Essential 16 Charging Station

Essential Charging Station 16 Devices


For up to 16 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.


Essential Charging Station 12 Devices


For up to 12 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets.

Universal USB-C Charging Dock

Universal USB-C Dock 8 Devices


For up to 8 devices that utilize USB-C charging.

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade

Adapt4 USB-C with Active Charge Upgrade


Active charge solution for up to 4 devices.

Adapt4 AC Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade

Adapt4 AC with Active Charge Upgrade


Station and power banks for up 4 devices.

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station


For up to 4 devices with USB-C compatibility.

Adapt4 AC Charging Station

Adapt4 AC Charging Station


For up to 4 devices of any charge type.

Library Check-Out Charging Solution

Library Check-Out Charging Solution


Pre-wired station with power adapters, power banks, and USB-C cables.

Where to Buy
JAR Systems products are available through many of the nation's leading technology providers. View a list of our partners or call 866-393-4202 for a recommendation.