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Universal USB-C Charging Dock
Bring Adapter-Free USB-C PD Charging to Work and Learning Spaces

Part Number: QC-8000

End the search for free outlets and matching adapters by providing the Universal USB-C Charging Dock in areas where mobile devices are being used. It is designed to interchangeably charge Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and other mobile devices that utilize the new industry standard USB-C charging port.

Leverage USB-C PD for all devices with emulator cables to connect older devices to USB-C PD charging, available for the most common charging ports.

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Power and Charge Up to 8 USB-C Devices at Once.

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This solution comes with 6” USB-C to USB-C cables, eliminating the need to search for matching adapters and greatly reducing cable clutter. It also provides more efficient and faster charging than AC adapters.

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The Universal USB-C Charging Dock is designed to interchangeably charge phones, tablets, notebooks, and other mobile devices that utilize the new industry standard USB-C charging port.

Fast Charging
Fast Charging

Capable of charging up to 8 devices simultaneously, the sophisticated charging technology automatically senses and adjusts the power supply to suit the needs of individual devices ranging from 2.5W to 65W.

Quick-Sense Charging

This solution utilizes Quick-Sense USB-C charging, which is a proprietary technology compatible with devices from all major manufacturers. The system automatically identifies the power needs of devices to deliver a fast, efficient, and balanced charge.

Active Charge Power Bank Kit*

Easily add at-the-desk charging with portable, 65W USB-C Active Charge Power Banks that enable students to charge their devices that are in use without changing classroom infrastructure or running extension cords on the floor.

USB-C Emulator Cables*

Simply connect to USB-C and charge older models alongside newer technology. Devices that do not feature USB-C charging can be charged in the Universal USB-C Dock. 

*Accessories are sold separately. 

Product Dimensions
  • 9H × 17W × 10.75″D
  • 10.5 lbs
Intelligent Charging for Mobile Devices
Max Device Specifications
  • Automatically controls the charging of up to 8 USB-C devices at once, all from one standard 15A outlet.
  • Can be used with any phone, tablet, notebook, or mobile device ranging from 2.5W to 65W.
1 Year Warranty
What's Included?
  • USB-C Quick-Sense charger
  • 8-device dock
  • 10 removable, lock-in dividers
  • (9) 6” USB-C to USB-C cables
  • 1-year warranty (5-year upgrade option available)

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Other Support

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