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JAR Systems
Flex-Share Charging Stations
Modular Charging Solutions that Simplify Your Everyday Use of Devices

16 device Flex-Share Charging Stations are designed to accommodate a range of class-sizes, device types, and classroom layouts. Versatile features such as a reversible front door, removable dividers, and more make it easy to adapt the station to your needs. These lightweight solutions can be mounted on a wall or tabletop, stacked two-high, and are easily maneuvered around the room with the addition of the mobility kit. 

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Live your best life with a charging station that provides a hybrid of flexibility.

CSE-1615 Dimensions
Product Dimensions
  • 14.5”H x 22”W x 19”D
  • 48.5 lbs
CSE-1615 Flex-Share Charging Station
Max Device Dimensions
  • 11.5”H x 1”W x 13”D
Warranty Logo

Comes standard with a five-year warranty that covers the entire solution and electrical components—a longer than average electrical warranty

CSE-1615 Flex-Share Charging Station
Versatile Installation
Wall- or Desk- Mounting

Rivaling solutions that cost hundreds of dollars more, the compact and lightweight modular design of the Flex-Share Charging Station means it can be used as a free-standing system, or securely mounted to a wall or desk without taking up a lot of space.

Unrivaled Adjustability
Standalone or Stacking Integrate modules in multiple areas of a room as standalone units to improve the flow of deployment, or securely stack them to save space. This makes it possible to meet charging needs without compromising on classroom space or device accessibility.
Easy to Transport
Stationary or Mobile

The convenient mobility kit makes the unit adaptable to flexible classroom layouts, allowing teachers to easily rearrange its position just as they would their tables and chairs to meet the needs of the day’s lesson plan.

Stacking Kit*

This option provides hardware which allows users to combine multiple Flex- Share units into one, making it possible to accommodate up to 32 devices without compromising on classroom space.

Mobility Kit*

An optional mobility kit consisting of four durable three inch casters and a push handle gives users the flexibility to choose between having a mobile or stationary solution depending on classroom needs.

Padlock Kit*

The padlock kit makes it easy for organizations that wish to secure their charging stations with padlocks. The kit includes hardware, which attaches to the door of the charging station as well as individually keyed padlocks. Techs may open any of the padlocks with an optional master key.

*All product upgrades are sold separately and do not come standard. Flex-Share Charging Stations are sold individually.