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JAR Systems
Adapt4 USB-C Active Charge 

A Multi-Use Solution to Provide USB-C Charging to Any Location

The Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade comes with a passive charging station with customizable security and active charging battery power banks that make charging at the desk clutter free.  The station features a Quick-Sense USB-C charging module delivers an efficient charge, automatically adjusting to the device's power requirements up to 45W.

Charge devices while they're in use with Active Charge power banks with 65W USB-C PD that reduce disruptions caused by low battery life. Select bundles with emulators to connect older devices to USB-C PD charging, available for the most common charging ports.

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Get Easy, at-the-Desk Charging for Up to 4 USB-C Devices with Adapt4 Active Charge Upgrade

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade
Spend Less 

More affordable and practical than other battery options. The Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade provides long term value so school districts can leverage their older devices instead of getting expensive replacements. The compact design makes it easy to move to any area needing extra charge power.

Get More Mileage
Get More Mileage

Designed to leverage older devices that needs an extra boost to last the entire day, and built for advancing technology landscapes. The Active Charge Power Banks provide easy, at-the-desk charging to extend battery runtime. The Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station has customizable security and a durable metal build to make sure devices are safe, charged and ready at the start of the day. 

Quick-Sense Technology
USB-C Quick-Sense Technology

Quick-Sense USB-C power delivery charging automatically identifies the devices’ power needs to deliver a fast and balanced charge. Each charging port delivers up to 45w of power. The USB-C module is removable to be used for tabletop charging. It may also be secured in place to prevent removal.

Adapters For Non-USB-C Devices

Devices that do not feature USB-C charging can be charged in the Adapt4 USB-C station and with Active Charge Power Banks using converter adapters from JAR Systems. Simply connect the adapter to the ends of the USB-C cords included with Adapt4 Active Charge Upgrade and charge older models alongside USB-C compatible devices.

Additional Security Features

Leave the Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station out for use with confidence. The station features a Kensington® Security Slot™ and an additional security loop which enables use of a locking cable* to secure the station in place.

Wall Mounting Bracket*

One of the many benefits of the Adapt4 charging station is its sleek, compact design. When space is limited use a wall mounting bracket to quickly store the station out of the way. It securely stores the station out of the way without using up any table or desk space.

*Accessories are sold separately. 

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station Dimensions
Product Dimensions

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station
  • 13.75”H x 9”W x 15.5”D
  • 19 lbs - Empty

Active Charge Power Bank 
  • 6.17”H x 2.92”W x 0.98”D
  • 0.85 lbs 

Max Device Dimensions
Max Device Dimensions
• Device Bay: 10”H x 1.3”W x 15”D
JAR Systems Warranty

• Quick-Sense USB-C Charging Module: 2 Years
• Adapt4 Station Enclosure: Lifetime
• Power Bank: 1 Year