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Office laptops

Your fast-paced healthcare environment requires tools to help staff work efficiently.

Dynamic mobile technology solutions give your nurses and other caregivers real-time access to the information they need to deliver excellent patient care.

Consider This

97 %

of bedside nurses use mobile solutions to administer healthcare.

82 %

of surveyed nurses said they have a positive opinion of how technology is impacting patient care.

53 %

of nurses agree mobile device use improves patient safety.
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Tools for the Modern Healthcare Professional

Unfortunately, 84 percent of nurses are stressed or dealing with burnout. The ongoing nursing shortage and increasing demand for services only make things worse.
But there’s a solution: The right mobile charging technology eliminates the stress of managing uncharged devices, so nurses can focus 100 percent of their efforts on delivering patient care.

Why Healthcare Organizations
Trust JAR Systems

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Device Charging and Management Made Simple

Charge devices from a single outlet and eliminate downtime due to low batteries or slow-charging devices.
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Charging Solutions for Every Mobile Device

Future-proof your investment with a power delivery system that works with a diverse range of charging ports to accommodate any mobile device.
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Time-Saving Technology Solutions

Save time and eliminate the logistical headaches of uncharged laptops and tablets with on-the-go device chargers.
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Better Space Management

Choose from among our available wall-mount, tabletop, and mobile stations.
charging devices

JAR Systems Healthcare Mobile Charging Solutions

Whether you have dedicated space to store devices while they charge or not much space at all, we’ve got a solution to meet your needs.

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Flex-Share USB-C Charging Station

Flex-Share USB-C Charging Station

  • Save time and boost device uptime with our AC adapter-free charging station. 
  • Conveniently mount the cabinet or wheel it around to match your space availability.
Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station

Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station

  • Use our most popular compact solution to charge devices with up to a 14-inch display without individual AC adapters.
  • Simply plug in your USB-C charging devices to the supplied cables, and get an efficient charge.

USB-C Active Charge Power Bank Kits

USB-C Active Charge Power Bank Kits

  • Keep batteries fully charged for interruption-free patient care.
  • No outlets or extension cords are required!
Universal USB-C Charging Dock

Universal USB-C Charging Dock

  • Enjoy AC adapter-free charging of Chromebooks, tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.
  • Power and charge up to eight USB-C devices at once!

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