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Flex-Share USB-C Charging Station
Never Wire Charging Stations Again with Quick-Sense USB-C!

Part Number: CSE-1615-USBC

Save time with an AC adapter-free, modular charging solution. Flex-Share USB-C Charging Stations are flexible solutions that you can conveniently mount or stack and easily maneuver around the room with the addition of the mobility kit. The station's Quick-Sense charging identifies the devices’ power needs to deliver a fast and balanced charge up to 65W.

Flex-Share Charging Stations are the perfect solution for a variety of class sizes, device types, and classroom layouts. Versatile features such as a reversible front door, removable dividers, and more make it easy to adapt the solution to your needs. Optional USB-C emulator cables are available to connect non-USB-C devices.

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Create a streamlined experience for teachers and students.

CSE-1615 Flex-Share USB-C Charging Station
Quick-Sense Efficient USB-C Charging
Efficient USB-C Charging

Powered by Quick-Sense USB-C PD charging, Flex-Share USB-C Stations intelligently distribute power to your devices without using AC adapters.

Never Wire Charging Stations Again
Never Wire Charging Stations Again Wiring can take up a lot of time and technology resources. Quick-Sense USB-C PD eliminates this extra work and creates a better experience for teachers and students.
Mount it, Stack it, Make it Mobile!
Mount it, Stack it, Make it Mobile!

Flex-Share is ultra-versatile in its configuration and installation options, so you can adapt it to fit the various needs across your organization.

Stacking/Mobility Kit

This kit provides hardware, four durable three inch casters, master keys, and a push handle which allows users to combine two USB-C Flex-Share Charging Stations into one mobile 32-user solution. Charging stations sold separately.

32 User Mobile Bundle

The Flex-Share bundle comes with two Flex-Share Charging Stations and a stacking/mobility kit. When combined, they create a mobile solution for up to 32 devices that is ideal for moving devices around the classroom.

Padlock Kit

The padlock kit makes it easy for organizations that wish to secure their charging stations with padlocks. The kit includes hardware as well as individually keyed padlocks. Techs may open any of the padlocks with an optional master key.

*All product accessories and bundles are sold separately.
CSE-1615 Dimensions
Product Dimensions
  • 14.5”H x 22”W x 19”D
  • Bay Dims: 11.5”H x 1”W x 13”D
  • 61.5 lbs
CSE-1615 Flex-Share Charging Station
Max Device Dimensions
  • 11.5”H x 1”W x 13”D
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