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JAR Systems

Streamline Access to Classroom Technology With Innovative Charging Solutions

How Bremen City Schools increased availability and access to mobile devices, maximized classroom space, and saved time on the deployment of charging solutions.


Case Study: Bremen City Schools

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Through deploying over 100 of JAR Systems' Essential 16 Charging Stations, Bremen City Schools succeeded in providing streamlined access to classroom technology, enabling teachers to fully leverage their new technology to enhance the curriculum. After implementing the new charging solutions, the district saw positive results including:

  • Increase in quality instruction time through easier access to and increased availability of devices.
  • Increase in the number of devices able to be charged per classroom without the need to compromise on valuable space.
  • Decrease in time spent on deploying charging solutions with simple and straightforward assembly and installation methods.
  • Decrease in downtime of charging stations with personalized customer support.

The deciding point for us was the price point, how easy to use they are, and the great customer service JAR Systems afforded us.

Brian Wheeler
Director of Technology
Bremen City Schools


The Ongoing Challenge of Access to Mobile Devices and Affordable, Durable Charging Solutions

The Bremen City School (BCS) District is a public school district in Haralson County, Georgia, United States. The district consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Between 2011 and 2017, Bremen City Schools lowered the student-to-device ratio from 2.24 to 1.49. Even still, their progress toward a one-to-one student-to-device ratio is slower than other districts because of limited access to federally and state-funded programs.

Due to these limitations, Bremen City Schools resorted to utilizing general funding for mobile devices. By continuing to utilize existing Chromebook devices and adding an estimated 2,000 more Chromebooks, Bremen City Schools was able to reach a district-wide one-to-one student-to-device ratio by end of fiscal year 2019. However, to fully leverage and actively use the technology in the curriculum, their technology director knew they needed to invest in affordable, yet functional charging solutions for the devices they would be introducing.


The Search for an Affordable, Versatile Charging SolutionEssential 16 Charging Station

Bremen City Schools' primary challenge was to leverage their small budget to purchase charging solutions, while still putting as many devices in the students' hands as possible. 

In their search for the right charging solution, they ruled out charging carts due to their lack of a need for mobility as well as budget and space restrictions. The district quickly discovered that they were in the market for a stationary charging dock, station, or locker.

Upon discovering JAR Systems, Bremen City Schools were attracted to the cost, compact design, and versatile installation options associated with the Essential 16. Working with JAR, they were able to deploy over 100 of the Essential 16 Charging Stations. Their strategy allowed each classroom to receive two charging stations in order to charge and secure up to 32 devices per room.

The Essential 16's simple and straightforward assembly and installation methods enabled a smooth roll-out process. With the assistance of high school students, each Essential 16 Charging Station was assembled, wired, and installed in under 45 minutes. Teachers especially liked that it was up to them to decide whether they would stack the units, mount them to a wall, or secure them to a shelf or desktop.


Positive Impact on Learning EnvironmentsEssential 16 Charging Station

Since implementing JAR Systems charging solutions in the district, the technology director has seen positive results. Students are able to quickly remove and replace their devices and teachers have noted the ease at which they can lock-up the stations at the end of the day. They also value the personalized support that  JAR Systems provides from contact to delivery and beyond.

“Our JAR Systems rep went well above and beyond to get things handled," said Brian Wheeler, the BCS Technology Director. "We got damaged parts out and replaced, and it could have been made much harder but they didn't even question me and just sent me the parts that I needed. All that I had to do is say what I needed and everything was handled. How quickly they fixed any issues is what made me want to keep ordering from JAR.”

Since their original deployment of Essential 16 Charging Stations, Bremen City Schools has decided to add more. They plan to continue working with JAR Systems to build their technology infrastructure and are confident that their solutions will last through multiple device refreshes.

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