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Finding a Charging Solution for Your STEM Robots

Posted by The Cart Guru on Apr 27, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Classroom robotics can be a launching pad for student innovation. By going through the process of building a robot, students are inspired to ask questions and let their creative juices flow. Integrating robots into the lesson plan not only encourages students to learn programming, but gives them opportunities to complete hands-on activities either independently, or through collaboration with peers.

Similar to Chromebook, notebook, and tablet devices, it is also essential for robotic devices to be charged and ready for use. However, charging solutions that work with more commonplace forms of classroom technology are not necessarily advertised to support robotic devices. This apparent absence of a one-fits-all charging solution has left many teachers struggling to figure out where, or how, to most efficiently secure and charge their robots in the classroom.

Now, what would you say if I told you that a number of the charging stations designed for mobile devices may also be capable of charging robots? Think about it—Just because a charging solution is not necessarily advertised to support robots doesn’t mean it won’t do the job! Keep reading to discover what you should look for in charging solutions to help decide whether they are compatible with your robot charging needs.

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Is Your School Prepared to Manage Wearable Technology?

Posted by The Cart Guru on Mar 29, 2018 4:23:16 PM

After years of buildup, wearable technology is revolutionizing our lives, particularly in the health industry. With the introduction of more affordable solutions, these technologies are beginning to see a shift into new niches—including the education sphere. Projected to become a mainstream commodity in schools within 3 years, wearable technology offers teachers and students a variety of new learning tools. Keep reading to learn about four types of wearable technology and how they can be integrated into the curriculum.

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USB-C and Its Impacts on Charging Classroom Technology

Posted by The Cart Guru on Feb 28, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Industry-leading companies are increasingly releasing devices featuring a new, universal power port. Referred to as USB-C, or Type C, it is steadily becoming the emerging standard for charging devices and transferring data. Although it may take some time for universal integration, there is no question that it is becoming the new standard in digital technology. Compared to the previous ports that it will be replacing, the USB-C has a lot more to offer than simply charging devices. Keep reading to learn more about what the USB-C is capable of, and how your classroom can benefit from the switch!

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Choosing Charging Solutions for Flexible Classroom Layouts

Posted by The Cart Guru on Jan 26, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Flexible classrooms have become one of the most innovative trends to emerge in education. Inspired by research that has shown that learning environments matter, teachers have begun transforming their classrooms to help encourage their students to remain active and engaged in the lesson plan. The major identifier of flexible classrooms is the introduction of quirky, adjustable furniture that can easily be repositioned to create an assortment of learning spaces within a single room. For example, students may opt to stand at desks, sit in beach chairs, kneel on pillows at coffee tables, or even lounge on bean bags depending on the task.

With devices being used in lesson plans, it is important to consider how they will also be integrated into such classroom layouts. Luckily, when it comes to charging and storage solutions for mobile devices, there is a wide range of options available with a variety of features and functionality. By being aware of what qualities to look for in a charging solution, it is possible to find one that will not only complement the flexible classroom, but also the lesson plan.

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Creating Deeper Learning Experiences with Classroom Technology

Posted by The Cart Guru on Dec 14, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Classroom technology can empower teachers and students by providing tools that encourage learning in ways never before possible. These digital learning experiences offer innovative ways for teachers to engage and educate their students, while preparing them for success in competitive, highly technological world. Jobs today are increasingly relying on technology combined with not only academic knowledge, but analytical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal abilities too.

This means that it is becoming increasingly essential to find ways to use classroom technology to develop the six key competencies of deeper learning: content mastery, critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, collaboration, self-directed learning, and academic mindset. So, how can classroom technology be used to support deeper learning environments?

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Consider These Factors When Choosing a Classroom Charging Station

Posted by The Cart Guru on Nov 27, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Choosing the right classroom charging station for your district can be daunting. Charging stations provide a way to help store, manage, and charge devices so they are ready for use. The repercussions of making the wrong decision can not only result in money being thrown down the drain, but also interfere with learning.

Since access to devices is a major component of digital learning, it is important to find the right solution. Beyond price, charging stations come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer several features to help with technology integration. So, how do you know which features you should look for in a charging station? Keep reading to find out!

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How to Create Virtual Reality Content in the Classroom

Posted by The Cart Guru on Oct 27, 2017 12:02:51 PM

Virtual reality is steadily moving into classrooms, thanks to its affordability and the host of resources it provides for the curriculum. As more content is produced, teachers are becoming increasingly intrigued as to how to use it to supplement the lesson plan. A primary focus of this has been to search for existing apps that will help achieve learning objectives.

However, virtual reality also affords hands-on opportunities to promote creativity and self-expression in students. One of the most dynamic ways this can be achieved is by giving students the chance to design, build, and share their own virtual reality environment. Keep reading for ideas on how to create virtual reality content in the classroom!

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Getting Started With Classroom Virtual Reality

Posted by The Cart Guru on Sep 22, 2017 4:20:41 PM

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is rapidly becoming a widely utilized tool for education. The technology provides more immersive and engaging experiences for students, which can be supplemental to lesson plans in a seemingly limitless variety of subjects. Governments around the world have taken note of the potential of VR that is thoughtfully integrated into the curriculum, so why not try it out in your classrooms?

VR technology is now attainable for many schools and there are lots of educators who have tested or integrated it already. So, if you’re ready to get started read on!

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DIY Time Saving Methods for Mass Enrolling Chromebooks

Posted by The Cart Guru on Aug 25, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Time to roll-out new Chromebook devices? Before setting your students loose with their devices, the Chromebooks must be enrolled into your school’s domain in order for administrative policies to be set and enforced. Fortunately, for those of you facing the task of mass enrollment, there are automated solutions available that will make the job easier.

Cheaper than your traditional outsourced “white glove service” where you pay a fortune for enrollment per device, current innovations allow you to still do it yourself—but with less of the hassle. These modern “white glove” solutions not only bypass the need to manually enroll each device, but are customizable and save your IT department valuable time too! Keep reading to learn about some Chromebook enrollment options that are at your disposal.

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Why Your School Needs 1:1, BYOD Charging Lockers

Posted by The Cart Guru on Apr 24, 2017 1:44:37 PM

As more schools move toward BYOD and 1:1 technology programs, there is a growing need for charging
lockers. These are small lockers that allow students and teachers to secure their individual device while it charges. Each compartment typically has a keypad, which the user would create a new numerical code for each time it is used.

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