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In today’s economic climate, shrinking budgets are an ever-expanding reality for both Federal and State and Local Governments. Infrastructure Technology departments at agencies around the country are, on one hand, being asked by the users they support to enable new functionality to increase productivity, while on the other hand, having resources limited or cut altogether. We can help!

According to a statistic from one of the largest technology consultants in the world, organizations can reduce their PC management costs by as much as 30% by using remote management technologies.

Our Remote Management cart solutions with Intelligent Charging will save your company time and money. How?

  • Most companies are still sending technicians out with a switch and a handful of CAT-5 cables to update and image the notebooks stored in carts. Techs are pulling laptops out and manually updating them, one cart at a time. Our carts enable remote management with wake-on-lan functionality.   Notebooks can be imaged in the carts and updates can be remotely scheduled and automated. Depending on how frequently your company is updating your notebooks, our carts often pay for themselves within the first year.
  • Alternately, some companies send updates to the notebooks via wireless once an employee powers it up. This often leads to trainees spending a significant amount of time downloading upgrades and rebooting, all the while draining battery life. This is valuable instruction or testing-time lost.
  • Our Intelligent Charging System will only send power where it’s needed. Once the notebooks are charged, it will shut off. This saves energy, as well as improves the life of the notebook battery. Other notebook carts have simple timers that continuously cycle power back and forth to half of the notebooks in the cart at a time.
  • Another common scenario we often see is instructors and trainees getting so frustrated with the constant updates, dead batteries and other challenges associated with other notebook carts, that they opt to not use the notebooks. In this scenario, companies are getting next to zero return on the investment. Conversely, a JAR cart will never be shunned to the closet.


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