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No matter how well a school budgets, there is never enough funding for every project on the wish list. Each year, school districts are required to make difficult decisions regarding which projects are worth the investment and which need to be placed on hold for the time being.

At JAR Systems, we understand the pressure that educators and school administrators face on a daily basis. Our goal is to help you, by supplying efficient and affordable solutions. We provide educators with high-quality products that help seamlessly integrate technology into academia, taking education to the next level. JAR Carts and the Intelligent Charging system give you the ability to do this, by making certain that your devices are always available and ready for classroom use.

How JAR Systems can help your school district:

  • Instead of worrying about whether technology will be available when they need it, teachers can focus their time and energy on integrating the technology into the lesson plan to effectively aid learning.
  • IT technicians no longer have to waste time pulling devices out of the cart, one at a time, to manually update them. With remote management capabilities, our carts allow devices to be imaged in the carts and for updates to be remotely scheduled and automated. So, depending on how frequently your school updates your devices, a JAR Cart may pay for itself within the first year.
  • The Intelligent Charging System automatically charges your devices in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. It intelligently distributes power using power sensors and charging logic, charging the devices that need it most first, switching off when charging is complete, saving energy. Our Intelligent Charging System also comes as a stand-alone unit, which can be integrated with almost any cart.
  • JAR Carts have been designed to be both versatile and flexible. They are able to accommodate many different types, sizes, and brands of devices. This allows your school district to save money when it comes time to refresh devices because you shouldn't need to purchase any new carts.
“We LOVE our JAR Carts! So easy to move around and all the teachers love them.” - Public School Customer, TX

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