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At JAR Systems, we have a singular focus. We are dedicated to making the best mobile classroom solutions in the world. We have worked with and consulted educators of all kinds, in both the public and private sectors, to develop our solutions. We understand the challenges your institution are facing, whether you are a teacher at an elementary school, a high school principal, university chancellor or a corporate training officer.

Ultra-Light Intelligent Carts

Ultra-Light Intelligent Charging Carts

Lightweight and budget-friendly carts for Chromebooks, notebooks, tablets, and more.

Intelligent Charging System

Intelligent Charging System

Connect and manage power for up to 64 of any device. Integrate with a cart or use without one.

Remote Network Imaging Carts

Remote Network Imaging Carts

Full-size intelligent charging carts with space for network switch integration. 

JAR Systems Warranty

5 Year Warranty Logo

JAR Systems' 5-year warranty covers the entire solution, including the Intelligent Charging System.*

Essential Charging Stations

Essential 16 Charging Station

Wall or desk mountable charging station for Chromebooks, notebooks, tablets, and more. 

Flex-Share Charging Stations

Flex-Share Charging Stations

Modular, stackable charging stations for Chromebooks, notebooks, tablets, and e-readers.