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JAR Systems
Intelligent Charging System
Stay on Schedule with Faster, Smarter Mobile Device Charging

Part Number: PB-80C24HS-J

Don't let dead batteries slow you down. The Intelligent Charging System uses power sensors and charging logic to deliver the fastest, most efficient mobile device charging. It connects all of your devices to a single power source and you never have to worry about tripping a circuit breaker. Designed to be mounted almost anywhere, the Intelligent Charging System can even be used without a cart or charging station.
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Connect and Manage Power for Up to 64 Devices.

Intelligent Charging System With Essential 16 Charging Stations
Cost Effective
Save Money

Never replace another over-priced cart timer! Save technicians’ time by utilizing the Intelligent Charging System instead. The system can also facilitate remote management via Wake-on-LAN, simplifying updates.

Increase Adoption Rates
Increase Adoption Rates

With Intelligent Charging, devices charge faster than with a basic timed charger increasing device availability. When "manage" mode is enabled devices will also charge automatically. In addition, the LCD display tells you how long the devices typically take to charge, making scheduling easier.

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

This high-efficiency charging system can help to conserve electricity by automatically discontinuing power when batteries reach full charge. Alternatively, "manage" mode can be used to maintain sleeping devices at full charge, reducing the number of charging cycles the devices are subjected to over time.

Automatic Charging

This solution uses power sensors and charging logic to deliver the fastest, most efficient mobile device charging.  It automatically evaluates the power draw to deliver power to as many devices at once as possible, eliminating the need for electrical timers and switches.

Compatible with Most Carts

The Intelligent Charging System can be integrated with nearly any cart or used independently. Multiple carts or charging stations (up to 16 devices each) may be connected to a single Intelligent Charging System.

Power for Peripherals

Connect accessories in the same place as your devices. An auxiliary power outlet allow you to connect and control power to peripherals or network switch.

Intelligent Charging System Dimensions
Product Dimensions
  • System 2.6H × 9.62W × 5″D, rear plugs extend by .117
  • Mounting Bracket .31H × 8.59W × 4.59″D
  • Power cord extends beyond the system by 3.5
Intelligent Charging for Mobile Devices
Max Device Specifications
  • Intelligently controls the charging of up to 64 devices at once, all from one standard 15A outlet.
  • Can be integrated with nearly any cart or charging station and also be used independently.
Warranty Logo
Comes standard with a five-year warranty that covers the entire solution and Intelligent Charging System—a longer than average electrical warranty