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Industry-Leading Charging
  • Power sensors and charging logic deliver the fastest charge, always charging as many devices at once as possible and you never have to worry about overloading a circuit.

  • LED status indicators tell you how long the devices take to charge, which devices are receiving power, and when charging is complete.

Easy to Use
  • Cut down on wiring time with a cart that is easy to set up, but endures repeated use. AC adapters are stowed in a lockable compartment beneath the shelf.

  • These lightweight carts include top and bottom push bars and 5" industrial grade casters for easy maneuverability. Great for transporting technology to modular classrooms.

High Effieciency Charging System
  • Save money by utilizing basic 15 and 30 user configurations of the cart without Intelligent Charging for smaller quantities of devices or devices with lower power draw.

  • Basic models are upgradable, so you can get only what you need now, but still have the option to add Intelligent Charging in the future.

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Capacity Model Number Intelligent Charging Max. Device Size
Up to 40 Devices MD-5140-SMART Up to 12"H x 1"W x 14.25"D
  MD-5143-SMART Up to 11.5"H x 1.3"W x 15"D
Up to 30 Devices MD-5130-SMART  
  MD-5130-BASIC Up to 12"H x 1"W x 14.25"D
Up to 15 Devices MD-5116-BASIC  

Features and Specifications

  • Product datasheets: MD-5116-BASIC / MD-5130-BASIC / MD-5130-SMART
  • Compatible with Chromebooks, notebooks, tablets, and more!
  • Smart models feature the Intelligent Charging System and basic models can be upgraded at any time! This sophisticated power management system automatically evaluates the devices' power draw to deliver power to as many devices at once as possible. It ensures the fastest charge from a single standard outlet and eliminates the need for electrical timers and switches. View datasheet for electrical information specific to each model.
  • Maximum device dimensions: 12"H x 1"W x 13.5"D.
  • Small rolling footprint—36.75"H x 20”W x 20”D
  • Lightweight! Easily transported, even at full capacity. 
  • 5" industrial grade rubberized casters. All casters swivel and two are locking.
  • Upper and lower handles for pushing the cart and maneuvering over thresholds. Great for modular classrooms. 
  • Integrated cooling fan and ample ventilation throughout the cart.
  • 1x 3-point locking system in front for security (2 keys included).
  • Cart ships fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Five-year limited warranty on the entire cart and the Intelligent Charging System.
  • Made in the USA, Ultra-Light Carts have a sturdy steel construction with an enduring powder coat finish.

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