JAR Charging Stations are Very Versatile

“When there is an issue; they will get it taken care of. Today, that is a rare thing to have happen."

"As we move forward, we will certainly be looking to JAR for more units. I truly cannot say enough about how pleased I am with your commitment to making things right. These units are very versatile being a wall mount or desktop unit. The ability to adjust where the power receptacles are located and whether the power cord comes out the left or right are among the features that I like best." — Cory, WY

With JAR, YOU are a Valued Customer

"We here at Merced College selected JAR Systems as our Cart Manufacture of Choice for a few reasons. The quality of their product is top notch, but even more impressive is their Customer Service. NO ONE provides customer service at the level that Jar Systems does. We are not just a number, we are a valued customer at JAR and they make certain we know that. I would highly recommend Jar Systems to anyone with charging needs." — Pam G, CA

JAR Carts are IT Bliss!

“They are so cool.... They are built so well... Our techies are in seventh heaven.” — Larry C, FL

Great Products and Sales Support, Minimal Issues

"We value your company as one of our partners. Since finding you and appreciating the product created, the sales support we have received over the time and the minimal technical support ever needed we have not looked at any other competitors products."
"I appreciate what you have done and realize the quality coming from JAR Systems." — Tom L, Granite City, ND

JAR Carts are Just the Right Size

“This is a solid cart. It holds the Acer Chromebooks easily and securely. It is just the right size for us. It easily fits in our elevator and under our counter where we store it." — MacDuffie School, MA

Great Storage Solution

“We use our JAR Carts in our first and second grade classrooms. The teachers like the small footprint of the cart as it doesn't take up a lot of space in the classroom. The adjustable slots allowed us to set them up for iPads with large protective covers. It’s easy for the students to get their devices and to put them back even with their protective covers. We are very happy with our carts, they are a great storage solution for our iPads.” — Bethany Lutheran School, CA

Great JAR Cart Support

"JAR Cart support has been great to us. Thank you again." — Jacque C, IA

A Seamless and Painless Experience

"I approached JAR Systems because I wanted to offer alternatives to my clients instead of just providing one solution that they might have been using prior in their schools. JAR Systems helped me by showing my clients that there are better options with better technology. The result was the client decided to implement new carts vs the locking stationary ones they had. One thing I liked was their quick response and willingness to work as a team with me and my clients. I found the experience to be seamless and painless. I would recommend JAR Systems to people who need a portable and secure cart solution for their portable equipment." — Marlene G, AZ

JAR Carts Have a Wonderful, Small Footprint

"The new cart is wonderful. The small footprint and the height are perfect." — Rebecca R, NC

Awesome For Keeping Everything in Place

"We got [the] cabinets set up with 30 Asus Tablets and it works like a champ! The clips, zip ties, and Velcro are awesome for keeping everything in place and we couldn’t be happier." — Jason V, Granite City, ND