Cart Testimonial

"The new cart is wonderful. The small footprint and the height are perfect."

- Rebecca R, NC

Cabinet Testimonial

"Just letting you know we got [the] cabinets set up with 30 Asus Tablets and it works like a champ!  The clips, zip ties, and Velcro are awesome for keeping everything in place and we couldn’t be happier."

- Jason V, Granite City, ND

JAR carts are IT Bliss!

 “They are so cool.... They are built so well... Our techies are in seventh heaven.”

- Larry C, FL

Great storage solution

“We use our JAR Carts in our first and second grade classrooms. The teachers like the small footprint of the cart as it doesn't take up a lot of space in the classroom. The adjustable slots allowed us to set them up for iPads with large protective covers. It’s easy for the students to get their devices and to put them back even with their protective covers. We are very happy with our carts, they are a great storage solution for our iPads.”

- Bethany Lutheran School, CA

JAR Carts are just the right size

 “This is a solid cart. It holds the Acer Chromebooks easily and securely. It is just the right size for us. It easily fits in our elevator and under our counter where we store it."

 - MacDuffie School, MA