A New Reason to Love the Essential 16 Charging Station

Schools across the country are loving the Essential 16 Charging Station because it was designed to address common problems that schools face in trying to implement stationary charging stations, wall units, or charging lockers.

  • Cost - Other stationary charging options sometimes do not make sense cost-wise for the number of devices that they can accommodate. Each Essential 16 costs hundreds of dollars less than other wall units and charging carts. It even costs less per device than cases to send the devices home with students.
  • Feasibility of Installation - The compact and lightweight modular design of the Essential
    16 allows it to be easily mounted to a wall or desk without taking up a lot of space.
  • Flexibility - The Essential 16 has adjustable configurations to suit a wide range of devices. This versatility makes it adaptable to changing technology plans.

Now schools can choose to get their charging stations in four new vibrant colors, specifically selected to go with their school themes. Foster an atmosphere of school pride and team spirit with colorful charging stations that match classroom decor. Request a quote today to get started or request a free 30-day trial** of the Essential 16 Charging Station to see first hand how it will help your organization. 

**Only standard blue charging stations are currently available for 30-day trial.