JAR Intelligent Charging System

New intelligent charging system


Charging and managing multiple notebooks has never been this easy. This powerful, yet easy to use charging system gives teachers and IT coordinators full control of their mobile laptop cart. No more tripping of circuit breakers, multiple power cords for one cart or uncharged notebooks... and best of all, it improves battery life.

Notebooks are charged quicker and therefore you can use them more often. This in return will not only make the students happy but also administrators because it increases the availability of your notebooks for class-time instruction. This also allows teachers to stop worrying about the cart and concentrate on their curriculum and how best to utilize the notebooks to improve student learning.

We are quite proud of this innovation and therefore can’t tell you all the secrets. What we can tell you is that it is the quickest, most efficient way to charge multiple notebooks with their A/C adapters. Our system does not use any predefined timers that cycle blindly between 2 power strips of 15 notebooks each for a pre-defined time-frame. This method takes way too long to charge notebooks - and that is not what you need.

Every time you press the charge button in our cart, the system evaluates the battery status of all notebooks inside the cart and charges them the quickest way possible. It continues to monitor the charging and adjust immediately to a change in configuration. Power sensors and many lines of code help the system to continuously improve the charging of all notebooks.

Even better, we designed the system to easily be updated and improved. So when that ultra-thin, pocket-size, hybrid powered foldable netpad comes around you are ready with a cart solution to charge it.