New, Smaller Essential Charging Station for 12 Devices


The Essential 16 Charging System has been a top seller since it's release. Now being used in schools across the country, the system continues to be a favorite for its durability, versatility, and especially for its affordability. We've been able to collect a lot of feedback from our customers and one thing that we have heard consistently from our customers with 20-24 student class sizes is that they wished the Essential Charging Station were available in different sizes. 

The new 12 user Essential Charging Station allows districts with 20-24 student class-sizes to benefit from the affordability of this solution, while saving the extra 4 inches of space on each unit that they they don't need for their devices. Similarly, the new 12 user is a better solution for very small class sizes of just 10-12. The 12 user is the same great solution. It fits the same size devices, only fewer in quantity. 

Download the Datasheet