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JAR Systems
Network Management Cart 18/36
Intelligently charge, manage, and secure notebook and laptop devices.
Efficiently charge and secure up to 18 full-size devices or even 36 smaller devices when arranged two per pull-out tray. This network management cart is built to stand the test of time. Its small rolling footprint and sliding doors enable you to manage more devices in less space for a smarter workflow.
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Manage more devices in less space for a smarter workflow.

SB-6310B Dimensions
Product Dimensions
  • 47.5″H x 22.75″W x 29.5″D
  • 109 lbs
SB-6310B Intelligent Network Management Cart
Tray Dimensions
  • 2″H x 14.5″W x 20″D
Warranty Logo

Comes standard with a five-year warranty that covers the entire solution and Intelligent Charging System—a longer than average electrical warranty

Intelligent Charging System

The Intelligent Charging System uses power sensors and charging logic to deliver the fastest possible charge without the worry of tripping a circuit breaker. LED status indicators tell you how long the devices take to charge, which devices are receiving power, and when charging is complete.

Remote Updates_icon.png
Remote Management Compatible

This cart is capable of remote management via Wake-on-LAN functionality, so notebooks can be imaged in the cart and updates can be remotely scheduled and automated using any deployment software.

Maximum Return on Investment

The versatility of the Network Management Cart 18/36 means that it can accommodate a wide variety of brands and models of devices, so it can continue to add value through multiple device refreshes.

Pull-Out Trays and Cable Management

A lot of thought has been put into the convenient features of JAR network management carts. These features include pull-out trays and streamlined cable management systems, which enable easier access to devices so there is less damage and less hassle.

Sliding Doors and Small Footprint

Secure doors slide back into the frame of the cart to create a smaller working footprint and provide safe and efficient use of space.

Easy to Transport

Lockable 5″ industrial grade casters allow for easy maneuverability over different floor surfaces and thresholds.

Other Support
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