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Don't Let Outdated Management Processes Hold it Back




Enhance Your Company's Device Management



Reduce IT Labor Costs

Update devices using closed-lid/unattended methods


Expedite On-Boarding

Securely configure devices for training and on-boarding faster


Increase Volume

Boost capacity with remote after-hours management


Do It In Less Space

Stop lining up laptops on tables - this solution uses just 6² ft.

The Enhanced Management Solution

The Enhanced Management Solution utilizes network and KVM switch technology housed within a high-quality Network Management Cart to streamline an organization's processes for managing fleets of laptops and other mobile devices. Supporting up to 30 devices at a time, the solution arrives with all switches installed and cabling neatly routed to individual pull-out trays for each device.

When the Enhanced Management Solution is deployed, the benefits are apparent from day one. Rather than having devices spread across tables without any organization for the cables running to them, this fully managed solution takes up just 6² ft. of space and keeps cables neatly organized and stowed away, yet still accessible. Technicians can even manage all devices from their desk rather than physically walking to each device to check the status and perform reboots or input commands as with open-lid configuration methods.

This streamlining of mobile device management greatly reduces the time it takes to perform these processes. It also severely cuts down the amount of space required, which is critical for organizations located in prime real estate areas such as major cities. The amount of savings accrued from investment in the Enhance Management Solution allows the solution to pay for itself in less than a year for most organizations.



Enhanced Management Solution


  • Increases the speed and efficiency in which devices can be deployed to end users.
  • Devices can be managed in closed lid position, simplifying imaging process.
  • Saves valuable space by accommodating 30 devices within 6² ft. of space.
  • Reduces cable management challenges by keeping cables neatly routed and secured to each tray adjacent to the device cable ports.
  • Remote capability increases technician productivity by enabling them to manage all devices remotely from their desk rather than physically walking around to check the status, perform reboots, or input commands for each device.
  • Deploy operating systems to bare metal machines.
  • More devices can be connected to the internet at once and for a longer duration. This allows more updates to install before the devices must be distributed.

Additional Advantages of Network Management Cart Design:

  • Pull-out trays are fully removable from cart to gain easier access to reconfigure.
  • Secure sliding doors wrap around the frame of the cart, saving space.
  • Individual Pull-Out Trays for each device enable easy accessibility for troubleshooting
  • Mobile cart allows the entire set up to be transported to a different area.
  • The back door can be separately keyed to limit access to switches and main cabling area.
  • Carts are individually keyed with a master key option available.
  • Compatible with most devices up to 15.6”.
  • Adjustable to different port layouts such as network, VGA, HDMI, and power cables for a fully managed solution.


"We value JAR Systems as one of our partners. Since finding JAR, we have appreciated the product created, the sales support we have received over the time, and the minimal technical support ever needed. We have not looked at any other competitors products. I appreciate what they have done and realize the quality coming from JAR Systems."

— Tom L, Granite City, ND

  • Equipped with a 1U enterprise-grade 10GB CICSO network switch
  • Pre-installed with KVM HDMI/VGA or DP+ port and virtual media/BIOS access
  • Structured power/network/KVM cabling that supports any device
  • Remote connection capabilities to support local and offsite management and configuration
  • Accommodates network, VGA, HDMI, and power cables for a fully managed solution.

Included in the Enhanced Management Solution

  • 1 Network Management Cart with Charging Options
  • (1) 1U Network Switch for 30 Devices
  • 2 KVM Switches
  • Services
  • Accommodates network, VGA, HDMI, and power cables for a fully managed solution.


  • 58” H x 37.75” W x 26” D | 279 lbs
  • 30 Device Trays | 3.5” H x 14.5” W x 16.14” D
  • (4) 9-Outlet Power Strips
  • 6x Auxiliary Outlets
  • 5” Industrial Grade Casters, All-Swivel, Locking
  • 3-Point Lock in Front, 1 Key Lock in Back, 4 Keys Incl.
  • Master Key Enabled

Site Requirements:

  • The solution must be located in a temperature regulated office space.
  • The Network Management Cart requires 1 ft. clearance on each side to access devices and open doors.
  • 1 Dedicated (unshared) circuit with either 110V/240V or 15A/16A/20A, depending on local power.
  • 2 CAT5 or CAT6 connections within 2-4 ft. of cart location with 1-10GB bandwidth.
  • Support for CISCO managed switch operating on the CAT5/CAT6 ports is required. Port Security features must be disabled.
  • Mobile devices must be ordered or configured for close lid management (security policy and BIOS level hardware configuration). This is ideally considered in the procurement process for the devices.
  • 2 Public IPs must be available for each site and per cart to enable remote access.
  • Elevators or other access requirements for the solution to be transported to the room of deployment.
Enhanced Management Solution
Enhanced Management Solution

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