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Faster, Smarter Mobile Device Charging

JAR Systems Intelligent Charging System
Intelligent Charging System: Save Money, Increase Adoption rates, Save energy
  • If you have carts that do not charge your devices well, this system can prevent you from having to purchase all new carts, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

  • Comes with our standard five-year warranty—longer than an average electrical warranty.

  • Utilize remote management capability with this system and save on technician costs.

  • Devices charge faster than with a basic timed charging method, increasing device availability.

  • LCD display tells you how long the devices typically take to charge making scheduling easier.

  • Devices charge automatically once they are connected in "manage" mode.

  • This high-efficiency charging system can help to conserve electricity by automatically discontinuing power when batteries reach full charge.

  • "Manage" mode maintains sleeping devices at full charge, reducing the number of charging cycles the devices are subjected to over time.

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The Intelligent Charging System uses power sensors and charging logic to deliver the fastest, most efficient mobile device charging. It connects all devices to a single power source and you never have to worry about tripping a circuit breaker. This charging system was designed to be mounted almost anywhere and can even be used without a cart as a charging station.






Features and Specifications:

  • Automatically evaluates the power draw to deliver power to as many devices at once as possible, always achieving the fastest charge and eliminating the need for electrical timers and switches. 

  • Compatible with sets of notebooks, laptops, Chromebooks, netbooks and more.

  • Can be integrated with nearly any cart or used independently. Comes with mounting bracket and 12' power cord included.

  • Intelligently controls the charging of up to 64 devices at once, all from one standard 15A outlet.

  • LED status indicators tell you how long the devices take to charge, which devices are receiving power, and when charging is complete. 

  • Power Sensors control distribution of power to where it is needed most. 

  • Built-in circuit breaker protection and inrush current limiter prevent wall breakers from tripping. 

  • Easy UpdatesUSB port makes it easy to upgrade the unit in the future.

  • Auxiliary power outlet allows you to connect and control power to peripherals or network switch.

  • View the datasheet.

  • Download the product manual (for firmware versions A09 and later, April 2017).

  • The Intelligent Charging System is also available integrated in JAR Systems carts.

Intelligent Charging System

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