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JAR Systems
By JAR Systems, LLC • November 27, 2018

Ultra-Light Intelligent Cart Support Videos

Ultra-Light Intelligent Cart Setup and Demo

The Ultra-Light Intelligent Cart offers fast and efficient charging, plus its easy to setup and use. Watch to see the features of the cart and simple instructions on how to get started using it. The video features the MD-5140-SMART 40 user model. The same instructions apply to the even smaller footprint 30 user model.

Ultra-Light Intelligent Cart: A Lightweight and High Capacity Solution!

Introducing our new Ultra-Light Intelligent Cart! This lightweight, high-capacity cart is perfect for storing and charging 20... 30... Up to 40 devices and won't break the bank! The Ultra-Light Intelligent Cart features the Intelligent Charging System to provide best in class charging.

The Intelligent Charging System: Rapid Charging For Mobile Devices!

The Intelligent Charging System uses power sensors and charging logic to deliver the fastest, most efficient charging for many devices. It connects all of a classroom’s devices to a single power source and there’s no worry about tripping a circuit breaker. This charging system was designed to be mounted almost anywhere and can even be used without a storage cart.

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