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JAR Systems
By JAR Systems, LLC • October 26, 2022

Elevate USB-C Charging Cart - Troubleshooting an Entire Hub Not Charging


Remove the (right) back panel of the cart. Ensure that the power cable connecting the USB-C hub to the outlet on the inside of the cart is fully plugged in and connected correctly.

Once you have ensured that the power cable is properly plugged in, check to see if the issue has been resolved. If the hub is operating correctly, replace the back panel on the cart. If the problem persists, try exchanging the power cable to the hub to ensure that the cable is working properly.

If the Quick-Sense USB-C hub needs to be replaced, begin by removing devices from the cart and locating the tray lid. Each lid may be secured by up to 3 security screws. Remove all screws with the Torx key or a Torx bit and power drill. Place a screw in the side wall of the cart to hold the tray open.

Remove the old USB-C hub from the tray and replace it with the new USB-C hub.

Close the tray lid and secure it using the Torx key or bit and security screws to lock the cables in place. Plug devices back into the cart and begin charging!

For more information, please reference the user guide and manual or visit our website. For additional assistance, please contact JAR Systems with the cart serial number. The serial number label may be located on the back or left side of the cart and features a barcode and written serial number.