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JAR Systems
By JAR Systems, LLC • October 26, 2022

Elevate USB-C Charging Cart - Troubleshooting a Single Port Not Charging


If you have an issue with a single port or device, first ensure that both charging cable ends are fully plugged into the USB-C hub and the device.

If there is still no charge, disconnect the device from that port (A) and plug the device into another port (B). If it is still not charging, the issue may be with the device. If the device begins to charge when plugged into another port (B), exchange the cable from that port (B) to port (A) and plug in the device. If it begins to charge, the original cable from port (A) is damaged and will need to be replaced.

If cables need to be replaced, begin by locating the tray lid inside of the cart. Each lid may be secured by up to 3 security screws. Remove all screws with the supplied Torx key or bit. Once the tray lid is open, the charging cable bracket is no longer secure, and cables can be replaced.

To replace cables, unplug the port end and safely feed them through the bracket. Installing cables is reversed. Feed the cable through the brackets, then plug the ends into the ports.

Close the tray lid and secure it using the Torx key or bit and security screws, locking the cables in place. Plug powered-down devices back into the cart with the charging port side of the device as close to the USB-C port as possible and begin charging!

For more information, please reference the user guide and manual or visit our website. For additional assistance, please contact JAR Systems with the cart serial number. The serial number label may be located on the back or left side of the cart and features a barcode and written serial number.