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JAR Systems
By JAR Systems, LLC • October 26, 2022

Elevate USB-C Charging Cart - Correctly Connecting Cables to Devices


To avoid causing damage to the charging cables or the charging port on devices, it is important to connect devices correctly. The best practice for connecting devices is to ensure that device charging ports are clear of dust and debris and as close as possible to the carts’ charging port when devices are placed in the cart.

Stretching and straining the cables over long periods of time will increase the risk of cable damage. To avoid wear, be sure to use the charging cable that is directly below the device bay. Some charging ports are not stabilized by metal within the device, so it is recommended to always hold the device with one hand and plug the cable directly into the device port without wiggling the cable. Shifting the cable around while plugging it into devices can cause cable and device charging port damage. When the charging port on a device has been broken it can cause the device to not be able to receive a charge from the cart. Devices should be powered down before connecting them to the cart to reduce heat from the devices.

When closing the door, make sure all loose charging cables are tucked inside the tray to prevent them from being caught in the door. This will help prevent the need to frequently replace cables due to misuse.

For more information, please reference the user guide and manual or visit our website. For additional assistance, please contact JAR Systems with the cart serial number. The serial number label may be located on the back or left side of the cart and features a barcode and written serial number.