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View datasheet for up to date product specifications.

Essential Stations in the Classroom!

Maximize Space in the Classroom!

Maximize space with a compact, lightweight modular charging station that conveniently mounts to walls or desks. The Essential 16 efficiently charges up to 12 or 16 devices of any type, all without breaking the bank. Don't forget to spread team spirit—these solutions are also available in our line of School Pride colors in addition to the standard color blue.

    • Cost-effective solution that won't break the bank
    • Versatile installation allows it to be mounted to a wall or desk
    • Unrivaled adjustability of height and depth to fit a wide range of devices

The Essential Charging Stations create a smoother classroom experience with easy deployment of devices while maximizing classroom space! View the datasheet for more information.

Download the Datasheet

Note: Through the years the Essential Charging Station design has been continually refined. Check the datasheet for the most current specifications.

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Features to Enhance Your Classroom Space

Red Essential 16 Charging Station

School Pride Colors

The stations are available in red, green, blue, purple, or orange, making them easy to spread school pride!

Open Cable Management Tray

Unrivaled Adjustability

Features adjustable height and depth along with removable dividers to fit each classrooms' needs!

Locked Essential 16 Charging Station

Cost-Effective Solution

The Essential Charging Stations secure and charge up to 12 or 16 devices without breaking the bank.

Open Essential 16 Charging Station with Chromebooks


Compact, lightweight, modular charging station that conveniently mounts to walls or desks for maximum versatility.

Upgrade Stations with USB-C Charging!


HubSpot Video

Quick-Sense USB-C can be added to your current JAR Systems carts and stations! Streamline charging with easy-to-use USB-C and remove the need for AC adapters and wiring. Watch the video to learn more.

When you trust JAR Systems for your charging solutions, you get a partner that is responsive to your district's needs with an emphasis on excellent customer service.

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About JAR Systems:

Since 2004 JAR Systems has provided smarter, more versatile ways to charge and secure ever-evolving technologies. We work closely with our clients to develop products that support and streamline how mobile technology is used for learning and working in real-world environments. Our focus is on being a leading manufacturer of innovative charging solutions that will work dependably for many years down the road.