Installation & Setup

Wiring Instructions - Notebook Installation

The following information intends to illustrate different ways of wiring a JAR Remote Management cart solution. Your cart and needs may differ from what is illustrated below. If so, please wire your cart according to your notebooks. Please use this guide as a reference point. It is recommended to start with a sample tray setup and adjust it until it performs as needed. After that you can use the layout of the sample tray and quickly replicate it for the remaining trays and remaining carts.

Front ViewNotebook Installation Steps 1-2
  1. Remove all trays from the cart and set aside for later use. You can do so by pulling the tray out all the way and pressing the release levers found inside the tracks to the left and right of the tray. Press the left lever up and right lever down and pull the tray out towards you.
  2. Start with either side. Keep in mind that you will have to turn the cart around to gain access from front and back in order to install all cables correctly.

    Rear View Opened, top rightNotebook Installation Steps 3-5
  3. Install network switch in top right. Use screws and mounting brackets that came with the switch to affix securely.
  4. Plug the power cable of the switch into 3-outlet power strip found in the back of the cart mounted to the top.
  5. Plug both pre-wired CAT5 network cables of the cart into the appropriate slote of your network switch. This will allow the LAN outlets on the outside of the cart to be used for connecting the entire cart to the network.

    Rear view, bottom leftNotebook Installation Steps 6-8
  6. Starting from the bottom up simply attach the power adapter with one cable tie to the back panel.

  7. Feed the DC cable of the A/C adapter with the notebook connector all the way through to the inside of the cart.

  8. Do not untie the power cord. Set power cord aside, it will be installed last.

  9. Plug a 7-foot network cable into switch and run it alongside the power strips down the back of the cart to the tray and feed it through into the front (see below).

    Front view, bottom rightNotebook Installation Steps 10-11
  10. Both network and power cable need to be pulled all the way into the front part
    of the cart.

  11. Affix both cables to the panel with a cable tie using either the left or right small mounting hole next to the cables.

    By inserting the cable tie first through the small opening you can use your finger and pull the cable tie back through the larger opening.

    Front view, bottom left sideNotebook Installation Steps 12-15
  12. Affix cable clip to side wall in the location shown. This is an important step. Please make sure you have located the correct position.

  13. Feed both cables through clip and lock clip. There should not be any tension on the cables.

  14. Combine power and network cable to one by attaching a cable tie half way between cable clip and back panel and cable clip and fully pulled out tray.

  15. Attach cable clip sideways. Let it line up with the back of the tray and leave space to the left for cables to slide by when tray is pushed back.

  16. When all cable ties and cable clips are installed properly, the cable should retract as shown when the tray is pushed back into the cart.

    Notebook Installation Step 16


    When tray is completely pulled out there should be no tension on the cable clips, otherwise the cable clips will be pulled off and the cart might have to be re-wired.

  17. Depending on the notebook model, locate the network and power connector on the laptop and determine the best way to position the notebook on each tray.

  18. Once you have determined the ideal way to position the notebook, attach additional cable clips on the tray and by using cable ties affix the cables so they remain in the appropriate spots.

  19. Attach the power cable of the A/C adapter to the adapter and using a cable tie attach the cable to the back panel.

  20. Plug cable into power strip to the right. Start with the first outlet from the bottom up.