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New Library Check-Out Charging Solution

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Make At-the-Desk Charging
a Reality with Centralized
Power Bank Check-Out


Library Check-Out Charging Solutions include everything you need to make at-the-desk charging of educational devices available to students from a centralized check-out station. Schools across the US have discovered that they are simple yet powerful solutions in combating persistent low-battery issues.


Library Check-Out Solutions arrive pre-wired with USB-C charging cables. Just plug in the charging station and connect the power banks to start charging.

Reduces Disruptions

Active Charge Power Banks enable students to charge devices while they work at their desks or any other location, regardless of outlet or charging cable availability.


Providing centralized check-out areas is a cost-effective method for making active charging accessible to students in the surrounding area.

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Get More from Your Active Charging Solution

"school bus yellow" power banks

Visible Power Banks

Active Charge Power Banks in “school
bus yellow” are great for differentiation
from other devices. They provide ample
power for students to charge while they
work on their lessons.

Pre-wired with 45W AC adapters

Cables and Chargers

High-quality USB-C PD charging cables
designed to withstand the demands of
academic environments come pre-wired
in the stations. Bundles include USB-C
to USB-C cords to connect the power
banks to devices.

Modular flex-share charging stations

Versatile Charging Station

Flex-Share Charging Stations are highly
versatile and can be used for charging
and securing other types of devices such
as Chromebooks or tablets. They can be
wall-mounted, stacked, or made mobile
with casters.

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Adapt4 USB-C with Active Charge Upgrade

When it comes to charging needs, one size does not fit all for every school or classroom. Whether its supplying a centralized check-out area or providing a per classroom solution, there's an Active Charge product for the job. Plus, when you trust JAR Systems for your charging solutions, you get a partner that is responsive to you district's needs with an emphasis on excellent customer service.


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About JAR Systems:

Since 2004 JAR Systems has provided smarter, more versatile ways to charge and secure ever-evolving technologies. We work closely with our clients to develop products that support and streamline how mobile technology is used for learning and working in real-world environments. Our focus is on being a leading manufacturer of innovative charging solutions that will work dependably for many years down the road.