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Charging Stations Powered by Quick-Sense USB-C Technology

Eliminate the need for expensive device AC adapters and continuous rewiring with USB-C charging carts and stations.

Never Have to Wire Charging Carts and Stations Again with Quick-Sense!

Quick-Sense USB-C Charging Stations eliminate the need for AC Adapters, saving schools and technology teams time and resources!

Quick-Sense was designed to provide schools with a convenient and easy-to-service alternative to wiring AC adapters into carts and stations. Quick-Sense USB-C charging solutions bring a user-friendly experience to the classroom while providing fast and efficient charging for devices. It uses one single outlet while increasing learning time in the classroom and eliminates the need for continuous rewiring and maintenance.

  • Save time and money by eliminating cable management
  • Use device AC adapters for take-home use or other purposes
  • Universally compatible with emulator cables for non-USB-C devices
  • Upgrade your school's new or existing carts and stations to USB-C
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  • What is the classroom size(s) you are interested in learning more about how USB-C charging can help reduce the loss of learning time?
  • What charging solutions are you currently using, and can Quick-Sense charging carts and stations alleviate some of your charging problems?

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Quick-Sense USB-C Charging Solutions

USB-C Ultra-Light Mobile Cart

Ultra-Light Service Plus Charging Cart with USB-C


Two 16-port USB-C hubs in an Ultra-Light Service Plus Cart.

USB-C Flex-Share Cart

Flex-Share Mobile/Stack Charging Cart with USB-C


Two 16-port USB-C hubs in a Flex-Share mobile/stack bundle.

USB-C Flex-Share Charging Station

Flex-Share Charging Station with USB-C


A 16-port USB-C hub in a Flex-Share Charging Station.

USB-C Essential 16 Charging Station

Essential 16 Charging Station with USB-C


A 16-port USB-C hub in an Essential 16 Charging Station. 

Upgrade Your Carts and Stations with USB-C Charging!


Installation of the Quick-Sense 16-Port USB-C Module

When it comes to charging needs, replacing equipment in every school or classroom can get expensive. Streamline charging in carts and stations with easy-to-use USB-C and remove the need for AC adapters and wiring! Plus, when you trust JAR Systems for your charging solutions, you get a partner that is responsive to your district's needs with an emphasis on excellent customer service.

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About JAR Systems:

Since 2004 JAR Systems has provided smarter, more versatile ways to charge and secure ever-evolving technologies. We work closely with our clients to develop products that support and streamline how mobile technology is used for learning and working in real-world environments. Our focus is on being a leading manufacturer of innovative charging solutions that will work dependably for many years down the road.