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JAR Systems

Active Charging: How Does it Work?

Watch the new active charge video to get a closer look.

Keep Devices Active During Class with At-the-Desk Charging!


Help your district to leverage technology assets to provide students with equal access to the tools they need. Active charge solutions enable schools to keep devices running through testing!

  • Power banks enable students to easily charge their devices at their desks while they work, allowing the focus to stay on learning.
  • They are less expensive than other battery-powered solutions and more practical than running cable tracks or power strips to desks.
  • More than a temporary fix, power banks allow districts to get more mileage from their current devices, but also remain useful for new devices in the next refresh.

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If you have technology in your district that does not have enough battery life to make it through the day, Active Charge Power Banks can help. Fill out the form or call 866-393-4202 to get started.

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Actively Charge Student Devices Anywhere on Campus!

Provide Easy, Portable Charging
with Active Charge Power Banks

Active Charge Power Banks save instruction time by enabling students to charge their devices while in use. 

  • Enable students to check out power banks and charging cables from a centralized station to reduce low battery disruptions during class.
  • Keep a small set of power banks in a classroom to extend battery runtime and keep devices active for the entire school day.
  • Leverage power banks during standardized testing when students count on their devices to prevent disruptions or lost data. 

Benefits of Providing Active Charging Solutions


 Add Portable Power to Any Cart or Station

Power banks can be charged in any USB-C PD charging solution. The kits come with USB-C to USB-C cables or USB-C emulator cables to connect to devices. (Compatibility varies on part number)


At-the-Desk Charging Without the Clutter

Don't be limited by outlets and power cords. With the Active Charge upgrade, students can easily charge their devices at their desks or in any other classroom space.


65W USB-C PD Charging for Student Devices

Power banks deliver a rapid charge to connected devices without the need for AC adapters or outlets. USB-C PD prepares school districts for the future of technology.

Emulators Connect Non-USB-C Devices to Active Charge Power Banks

Connect Non-USB-C Older Devices to USB-C

Devices without USB-C PD can be charged with the power banks and alongside newer USB-C devices. USB-C emulator cables are available in the most common charging ports.

Available Now — Set Up Your Classrooms with Active Charging!

Active Charge Upgrade for Adapt12 USB-C Charging Station

  • 1 Adapt12 USB-C Charging Station for keeping your power banks charged and also for your smaller devices when they are not in use.
  • 4 Active Charge 65W power banks to charge devices while they are in use.
  • 12 Device-specific emulator connectors or USB-C to USB-C cables

Overcome the monetary and physical barriers in combating low battery life once and for all with a solution that is affordable and easy to implement. Plus, when you trust JAR Systems for your charging solutions, you get a partner that is responsive to your district's needs with an emphasis on excellent customer service.


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Adapt12 USB-C Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade

A Solution for Every District's Needs



About JAR Systems:

JAR Systems specializes in charging solutions for mobile technology. Founded in 2004, the company has spent the last decade focused on providing smarter, more versatile ways to charge and secure ever-evolving technologies. During this time JAR Systems has consulted educators to develop products that support and streamline how mobile technology is used for learning. The company’s goal is to deliver products that will work efficiently and dependably for many years down the road.