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Adapt4 USB-C Active Charge Upgrade

Provide Portable, Adapter-Free USB-C Charging

Actively Charge Devices While They Are in Use — Anywhere!

Avoid low battery classroom disruptions without power strips, AC adapters, or expensive infrastructure modifications. Get the essentials for charging devices at the desk in one bundle!

The Adapt4 USB-C Charging Station with Active Charge Upgrade includes a multi-use charging station and active charging battery power banks that make charging at the desk clutter-free. The station features Quick-Sense USB-C charging, which delivers an efficient charge, automatically adjusting to the device's power requirements up to 45W.

Charge devices while they're in use with 20,000 mAh 65W USB-C PD Active Charge power banks and reduce disruptions caused by low battery life. Select bundles with emulator cables to connect older devices to USB-C PD charging, available for the most common charging ports.

  • Reduces disruptions in the classroom with at-the-desk charging
  • Connectors for devices without a USB-C PD Port are available for universal charging
  • "School Bus Yellow" power bank color for anti-theft and easy differentiation

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Adaptable Features for Every Classroom


At-the-Desk Charging


Eliminates the need for outlet availability and AC Adapters, allowing for a clutter-free and  convenient charging experience.


Visible Power Banks


Active Charge Power Banks in “School Bus Yellow” are great for differentiation from other devices.


Multi-Use Charging Station


Other power bank products include stations that charge only the banks. Adapt4 charges your power banks AND any devices that you may want to charge when not in use. 


Customizable Security


This station provides flexibility for open charging, but it can also be locked for device security. The front door can even
be completely removed. 


Library Check-Out Charging Solution!



Library Check-Out Charging Solutions include everything you needLibrary-Check-Out
to make active charging of educational devices available to students from a centralized check-out station. When placed in libraries or
media centers, it provides an easy way for students to keep devices
charged as they work from any location without being tied to an
outlet or having the device’s AC charging cable present.

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About JAR Systems:

Since 2004 JAR Systems has provided smarter, more versatile ways to charge and secure ever-evolving technologies. We work closely with our clients to develop products that support and streamline how mobile technology is used for learning and working in real-world environments. Our focus is on being a leading manufacturer of innovative charging solutions that will work dependably for many years down the road.