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New Adapt4 Charging Stations

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Outfit Classrooms and Central Areas With Convenient and Affordable Charging


Chromebooks piled up in a corner with a power strip, converted milk crates or dish racks, plastic charging stations that don’t last very long—these are common sights in many classrooms.

All of these scenarios are the result of familiar problems that now have a simple solution.

Do any of these ring true for you?

  • You are in need of charging spaces that fit just a handful of devices each and you don't want to pay more for solutions that accommodates more than that and take up more space.
  • The solutions that you have found are too flimsy and are starting to fall apart.
  • Constructing a DYI solution from various components is adding up to be not worth the effort. (Watch the video above)

Adapt4 Charging Stations are designed to combat these issues with a combination of durability, affordability, and versatility. Limited quantities are shipping now. Use the form to request information and get a quote on your project.


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Adapt4 is Useful in A Variety of Settings

Adapt4 AC

1:1 Take-Home Programs

Help cut down on classroom disruptions with a solution for devices when they aren't charged for class, when things don't go as planned, or when batteries just don't have enough power to make it through the day.

Adapt4 AC in a classroom

Loaner Device

Having spare "loaner" devices for students that do not have a prepared device has become a widely adopted method and Adapt4 Charging Stations can be the perfect home for those extras to stay charged and ready for use.

Adapt4 USB-C in a tech center

Tech Centers

The Adapt4 can be a useful tool for technicians working in device repair centers or where devices are being imaged and asset-tagged to keep devices charged while they are waiting to be worked on or picked up afterward.

Adapt4 USB-C

Small Device Sets

In small group settings such as special education, ESL, OT, or traveling teachers, the Adapt4 can be transported and plugged in close to where the group will be working during that session.

Two Models to Choose From


Adapt4 USB-C

Supports USB-C Charging Devices

Featuring Quick-Sense USB-C charging technology, this station provides the convenience of being able to connect any USB-C charging device devices without the device's charging cable.


  • Removable USB-C charging module
  • LED status indicators for each port
  • Replaceable external power cable
  • Optional wall-mounting bracket
  • Removable front door for open use
  • Compatible with Kensington style lock

Download: Adapt4 USB-C Datasheet


Adapt4 AC

Supports Devices With Any Type of Charging Port

With charging compatibility for any type of device, the pull-out cable tray in the top of the AC station stores the power cables out of sight for organized charging and provides optional security.


  • Surge protected AC charging
  • Locking cable storage compartment
  • Upgradable to USB-C charging
  • Optional wall-mounting bracket
  • Removable front door for open use
  • Compatible with Kensington style lock

Download: Adapt4 AC Datasheet

Adapt For Learning in Any Environment!


Adapt4 Charging Stations were developed to help your organization cut down on disruptions by providing an easy and quick way to add charging in classrooms or central areas. When charging adapters are not present or there are not enough accessible outlets, these stations provide an ideal location to plug in and get the extra boost needed to get through the day’s lessons.


Securely Organize Your Devices with NEW Adapt4 Charging Stations!


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About JAR Systems:

JAR Systems specializes in charging solutions for mobile technology. Founded in 2004, the company has spent the last decade focused on providing smarter, more versatile ways to charge and secure ever-evolving technologies. During this time JAR Systems has consulted educators to develop products that support and streamline how mobile technology is used for learning. The company’s goal is to deliver products that will work efficiently and dependably for many years down the road.