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Flex-Share Charging Stations

Modular, versatile charging stations for up to 16 Chromebooks, notebooks, or tablets per unit.

 Modular Charging Solutions that Simplify Everyday Classroom Use of Devices

With Flex-Share Charging Stations, school districts can deploy a single type of charging solution to accommodate a range of different class-sizes, device types, and classroom layouts. Featuring a lightweight design, the stations can be mounted on a wall or tabletop, stacked two-high, and can even be used as a mobile solution with the addition of the mobility kit consisting of four casters and a push handle.

Charging and securing up to 16 devices each, these solutions provide a hybrid of flexibility in installation options and mobility that typical charging stations and carts do not provide. The enclosed design works well for most devices from a small tablet or e-reader to a 14 inch Chromebook or Notebook. A single 16-user charging station can be used for smaller class-sizes or two can be used to affordably charge up to 32 devices.  Built of durable all-steel construction, these solutions are covered by a 5-year warranty that we extend to all JAR Systems products. Contact JAR Systems today for your quote.

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Mount to a Wall or Desk
Stack Two-High
Make it Mobile

Mount to a Wall or Desk

Their lightweight, modular design allows Flex-Share Charging Stations to be used as a free-standing system, or securely mounted to a wall or desk without taking up a lot of space.

Stack Two-High

Securely stack Flex-Share Charging Stations to save space. This makes it possible to accommodate up to 32 devices without compromising on classroom space.

Make it Mobile

The convenient mobility kit makes the unit adaptable to flexible classroom layouts, allowing teachers to easily rearrange its position just as they would their tables and chairs to meet the needs of the lesson plan.


About JAR Systems:

JAR Systems has spent over a decade working directly with school administrators to build, manage, and overcome challenges with mobile classroom solutions. We use this experience to help schools think beyond the standard cart requirements of “how many does it hold” and “does it roll” to see charging solutions as critical components of a successful technology program.