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JAR Systems
By JAR Systems, LLC • November 27, 2018

Flex-Share Charging Station Support Videos

Flex-Share Charging Stations - Overview

Flex-Share Charging Stations are modular charging solutions that can be configured in multiple ways to best satisfy the charging requirements and space limitations in each classroom. Charging and securing up to 16 devices each, these charging stations offer a variety of installation options that help maximize classroom space and improve the flow of student traffic when deploying devices. New Flex-Share Charging Stations enable school districts to deploy one type of charging solution to accommodate a range of different class-sizes, device types, and classroom layouts. The enclosed design works well for most devices from a small tablet to a 14 inch Chromebook or Notebook. A single 16-user charging station can be used for smaller class-sizes or two can be used to affordably charge up to 32 devices. The stations can be mounted on a wall or tabletop, stacked two-high, and can even be used as a mobile solution with the addition of the mobility kit consisting of four casters and a push handle.

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